Which should I choose?



I still haven't got my mac. :( I've been looking around at used ones, and a G3 iMac with pretty much the same specs as a Powermac G3 is a lot less and includes a monitor. So my question is, will a G3 iMac, probably 300-500 mHz with like 256-512 RAM be able to run OS X at a bearable speed? All I really need it for is to browse the web with cable internet, download and listen to music, research/type papers, and watch movies if it has a DVD player. Thanks.


Give it 512 mb RAM, good luck w/ that DVD player. Otherwise it'll be ok. Slow but usable.

I've got Panther on an original iMac (233mHz G3, 512mb RAM, 20gig HD), and it performs well enough as a surfer, 2nd computer, word processor.

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