Which DVI cable do I need?

Oct 3, 2008
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Hi guys! I used to frequent the forum. I recently switched from 06 iMac to 09 Mac Mini. But enough about stupid mistakes... lol :Smirk:

I've had monitor issues.. screen goes black.. no video signal, etc. I bought the mini in a bundle with a Famous Maker monitor (a refurb HP) It has a DVI-D port and VGA. I connected via the VGA. Can't use the DVI cable that came with it. It has a male end, and so does the monitor.

Tried calling Apple, no help other then it could be the cable.. tried calling the place I purchased it.. no help. I put the Mini on my 32" Vizio TV.. NO PROBLEMS. I used the VGA connector.

So I bought a 19" Vizio, figured it would work fine. SAME problems as the HP monitor. It will go black for 5-10 seconds, right in the middle of doing something. TERRIBLY annoying! I've tried changing resolution.

I wonder if using the DVI will solve this issue? Has anyone else had this issue? I'll have to go back to the HP monitor. So which cable would I need?? Like I mentioned, the HP has a male DVI-D port.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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