Where is the shared folder???




I have some problem with the networking.

2 questions :

Where you can manage the shared folder for windows ?? And how you can mount windows disk into OSX ??

They say the shared folder will be see as \\myip\myname but i need to add folder to upload file in.



You should make sure that you have the appropriate options turned on in the "sharing" pane of the system preferences. Then, to allow people to log in to the machine from Windows, you have to go to the account (typically people make one called "guest") settings and say "allow this user to log in from Windows." As far as connecting to Windows from OS X, you should be able to hit "Command + K" from the finder, or select "Connect to Server" from the "Go" menu. Then you can browse, or enter the IP address. When entering the IP address of a Windows server, the syntax is as follows: smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the "smb" signifies that you are going to be using "SAMBA" networking, which allows UNIX computers to connect to Windows). Good luck!

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