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Mar 9, 2004
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Can anyone tell me if it is a good time to buy a iBook?

I want to get the 12" model (12" powerbook too pricy) but am worried that they might be announcing speedbumps soon... i've heard they might update the powerbook around march/april, might we see a ibook update soon after?

Also can you tell me about how well the screen scrolls? To explain: on my dad's sony laptop, whenever i scroll down the screen is quite blurry and it really bugs me. On my normal CRT pc monitor when i scroll down everything is a bit blurry but not as bad. Is this a common problem with all lcds or does it have to do with the refresh rate or something?

To my .mac question:

I think some applications have .mac integration (publish to .mac in iPhoto for example?) Is it possible to use those functions with another webspace provider? I'd like to be able to directly publish photos quickly to my webspace providers server and not have to pay for .mac. Is there a way of getting around this?

Thanks for any help!!



Well, I have a powerbook, but resolution should be about the same. It's fine. No problems with bluryness for me..my eyes aren't very good...so there is sometimes some bluryness from that...but I scroll and read everryday.


when to buy

citystar2k said:
I've read somewhere that apple upgrades or releases new models of ibooks and powerbooks, so should i wait too?

Now as far as I know computers are constantly evolving and being updated :) You could wait forever to get one as there is always going to be something better coming, but at some point you have to just go for it ....

Just my 2 cents....


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