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What's the best SATA 250 GB HD?



I'm looking at several SATA 250 GB HDs right now and I can't seem to find much info or comparisons on different models/brands.

I had heard that the Maxtor DiamondPlus line was very reliable/safe and I was pretty set on one until I noticed the Maxline drives. Which are better/better for the price out of the Maxtor family?

...Or what is the best in general out of any brand of the 250 GB capacity?

Speed and stability are crucial. I'm a professional photographer and I need to have quick access to a large imagebank. I'm currently using a 1.8Ghz G5 with a 160 GB HD in the first SATA slot. It's nearly full, even after much house cleaning, and I need to expand badly. I run my machine all the time, day and night. It's rare that I shut it down unless I'm leaving town.

Also, what is the best online store for upgrades? Pricewatch was recommended to me but they merely offer a price comparison for other vendors. Is there a reputable place to order from that's not Comp USA?

Thank you.