Whats going on with my mac?!

Apr 15, 2010
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help. im typing this from my iphone because somethings wrong with my macbookso forgive the poor spelling. my mac slows down to a crawl when i use the chinese pinyin and/or when using firefox. everything slows down to a crawl. the drop down menus, the finder, even the force quit window. i think the problem accures when i open firefox with chinese typing language on. ive had to force shutdown my 3 yr old white macbook and just after a restart my mac turned on with a loading bar (not hibernation) and now after a speedy login my finder and desktop is lagging. no icons on the desktp yet but the menu bar icons are up
can anyonehelp me?

macbook white
4gb ram
2.1 ghz

i tried relaunching finder from doCk but nothings happening. dock froze. first time ive seen this.
im scared of messing with it again because i have a important script and a chinese work on the comp that i nees tmr and i dont want to aggravate the situation.

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