What the GT130 is in fact... a 9800mGTS

Feb 2, 2010
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24 '' I-MAC, 4GB, GT130, XP Pro SP3
After reading lots of stuff that is wrong on what the GT130 in the 24'' I-MACs is... here is the answer, for those who wish to know. No it is not a 9600GSO... sorry but... such is life...

The 24'' I-MACs all use the Nvidia 9400m (mobile) chipset/gpu as basis, as the I-MACs are oversized notebooks. So all the GPU options are (mobile) cards... be it from Nvidia or ATI.

The real GT130... is not a mobile card at all... so what Apple did, was to rebadge the Nvidia 9800m GTS as the GT130 for the 24'' I-MAC. The name it displays is just a string on the card. Anyways... the 9800m GTS is a DX10 card that works great under Windows. You can check this with the tool GPU-Z under Windows, will give you clock speeds, cores, gpu type etc... I looked it up, with Nvidia and on Wikipedia... can only be the 9800m GTS!

The 9800m GTS has 64 Cuda cores, which can work along with the 16 Cuda cores on the 9400m, for some applications. So you get 80 Cuda cores if you have the GT130... that is under Windows... under OS-X, I don't know.

My 24'' I-MAC, is using the latest Nvidia drivers for the 9800m GTS along with Phys-x etc under XP SP3. I can indeed access the 80 Cuda cores, but not under Phys-x, which is limited to those cores that have dedicated memory. The 64 cores will also be used under OS-X for Phys-x, there is a list of MAC games out there, which make use of them. According to Nvidia, some math, video encoding can be done 8x faster on a 24'' I-MAC with the GT130, then on the one with the top pf the line ATI. Their claim... not mine!

If you use an ATI GPU, the 16 Cuda cores on the 9400m will shut down, as to avoid problems... well, in fact Nvidia does not want you to use em if your other main GPU is not from them.

As to the GT120... have a I-MAC 24'' with that facing me, within a week I will know what that is for a card... I will post it here.

I prefer Nvidia cards, cause they give me less problems under Windows... while still being fast enough... I find that Apple did a mistake to drop the GT130 (9800m GTS) for the 27'' I-MAC, because it is a great card for Bootcamp.

Like it or not... mut the I-MACs are superb PCs...


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