wet powerbook! HELP!



I just dumped about half a medium sized bottle of water on to of my sleeping (closed) powerbook g4 12"

Water ran all over the top of the case and who knows where else...i got to it after a couple of minutes (I didn't notice) and then i picked it up to find out it had shut off. The power cord was still plugged in.

It's about a month old and i have WAY too much work on it right now. I'm scared!

I took out the battery, took off the memory cover and put it in front of a fan. I'm going to leave it there for several hours at least and then try to turn it on. I read a few stories about people having the same disaster and the powerbook still survived.

Can anybody offer any advice?

Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
The only advice that I have is to do exactly what you are doing.. get fans going on everything! Take off the keyboard have fans blowing on taht, the battery, everything.. And leave it for a couple of days.. then when you feel that there is no way that there could still be moisture in it.. then turn it on.. cross your fingers, pray, and wait...

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