Weird streaming problem

Feb 6, 2015
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Okay, I'm stumped. I bought a 2010 MacBook Air. It's running Yosemite so it's a little sluggish but works well enough. Netflix, however, is unbearable-- but only on my home network! My 2011 iMac has no problem streaming Netflix on the same network, but on the Air it gets disgustingly choppy, the audio cuts in and out, the video will slow down then speed up, the quality is terrible, and that's just with TV shows; with movies it never catches up or gets any better. But, on any other network, be it my school campus WiFi shared with thousands of other students, or my work network-- on which employees can scarcely stream music or browse on their phones-- Netflix works perfectly fine with none of the aforementioned problems. I've tried changing channels on my router, moving my computer directly next to the router (it's located in the kitchen and my bedroom is on the other side of the house), and still the problem persists only at home. Sometimes other sights will be sluggish, but right now everything on youtube is loading quickly and playing without a hitch. Please help.

My router is a D-link WBR-1310, my MacBook Air is a late 2010 model and I just had the whole internal board replaced by Apple as it was fried.

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