Weird problem with my iPod Touch, need urgent help!

Apr 26, 2008
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Hi guys!

Something really strange started to happen a couple weeks ago. I have a 1st gen iPod Touch 32gb which I use mostly (90% of the time) in my car through my head unit.

The head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P6000UB, "made for iPod" which comes with a USB cable that extends from the back of the unit into the car's glovebox. Then, you are supposed to connect the iPod to the USB port using your original iPod cable. I've had this way since March this year going on until the last 2 weeks with perfect operation, no problems at all, nothing.

2 weeks ago, something started to happen, the iPod became suddenly disconnected and reconnected multiple times. I had to wiggle my iPod cable a little bit and then it went back. This became very frequent, to the point that it didn't work at all, and ocassionally, after wiggling the cable, moving the iPod and stuff it got connected but I had to leave it very carefully in a corner of the glovebox because the slightest movement will make it disconnect again. After a couple days since these problems, the iPod didn't connect at all to the unit. I went home, tried to sync my iPod to the PC with that cable and it was useless, apparently the cable was not good anymore. So I had a spare cable that came with my USB charger. I went back to the car, and for the last week it worked perfectly. Suddenly, 2 days ago, it started doint the same thing! But it progressed much faster to the point that it doesn't work again and I can't sync my iPod again. Before I buy another cable, I need some help/suggestions:

1) Will it have to do with the 2.1 firmware? I've heard people having trouble syncing or charging their iPods on docks and stuff like that.

2) Is my iPod broken?

3) Is the unit "burning" the cables and the iPod?
Apr 8, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
macbook core 2 duo 2.1ghz 4gb memory and 8GB iPhone 3G
i would thing that the cable is being bent in a weird position or something that is messing it up

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