Weird Num Locking Issue

Sep 2, 2008
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Hi there. I'm using the Black MacBook I got for graduation. Thus far, it's been fine. However, I think someone hit a strange shortcut on my computer, and now all my number keys are messed up. I looked everywhere for a way to turn this off, but can't find anything.

This is what happens: When I hit # key, I get this:
1 - Inserts a 1, then immediately backspaces
2 - Inserts a 2, then immediately TABs
3 is fine
4 is fine
5 is fine
6 - Inserts a 6, then immediately SPACEs
7 - Inserts a 7, then immediately inserts an apostrophe
8 - Inserts an 8, then immediately goes to the left side of my text. (HOME key)
9 - Inserts a 9, then immediately goes to the right side of my text (END key)
0 is fine

I can get the numbers to work if I hold the FN (Function) key on my keyboard, plus the number I want.

This is really bothering me, so any help is appreciated! Thanks so much!

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