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Weird Monkey Baby!

Dec 3, 2006
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Irvine, CA
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Looks fake. The thing never moved on its own and on the closeup shots it looked like a puppet.
Dec 29, 2006
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California, the golden state
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I understand the language spoken in that video, so I was able to gather some more info.
These links are about the last part of the video where they show people walking on all their fours. This Kurdish family intermarried and the results could be due to that factor.
The reason there was a mention of this family in the video was that the same doctor who delivered this baby also is working on the genetics of this family.
The claim in the video about the baby is that the woman was not able to afford to see a doctor during the whole pregnancy. I am guessing what the doctor means by that is that if he caught this condition of the baby mid-term, such pregnancy would have been terminated before birth.
The other claim is that this could be a result of a genetic factors due to radiation, etc. The baby only lived for one hour, after a seven month term.
This link is directly from the hospital and the doctor:
I also watched the documentary on tv on PBS.

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