weird line on HD monitor

Mar 27, 2007
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Please can you help? I have this weird line down the side of my mac HD monitor (the big one). It's about an inch or so from the right hand side and is like a dotted line. When I boot up it's not there when the screen is grey, it's not there when the screen goes blue just before the log-in screen but it then appears at the log-in screen. What's very weird is that at that point it's right down the whole screen but when the desktop appears it only runs from the bottom to halfway up. THEN if I run an application like DVD player it's back to the whole length of the screen. Any ideas???????? I'm using a power pc 2.3G dual G5 with 8G of ram and an ATI Radeon card. There is another smaller screen plugged in as well and yes I have tried switching them over and taking the smaller one out.


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