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Jun 1, 2008
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A friend had been designing a website for a small business of mine, however it is not yet complete due to one simple yet frustrating glitch that is beyond his experience as a web designer.

Instead of the web pages appearing as they should in the centre of the screen, they sit to the left. My web designer is a PC user and says it is centered on his, but out of about ten people I know - I sent them the link and it's on the left for every Mac user and a couple of Windows users, however a couple of the latter had the page in the centre of their screens.

Can anybody offer some advice I could pass onto my web guy? I'd really like to get this sorted out so I can concentrate on the final touches. It's definately some bit of code to do with having the page justified but I am unfamiliar with Dreamweaver and he is still learning.

Many thanks

Aug 21, 2008
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It is not about Mac or PC. It depends on browser. Do you search do web with Safari? I'm asking this question because if you use to surf with Mozilla the website will look the same no matter of which OS do you use. So ask you friend to make your website compatible with Safari, not just IE and Mozilla.

If your troubles with this continue just PM me the website URL.

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