Webcam issues on Win 7

Oct 12, 2011
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Okay, had a few issues installing windows 7 on an early '09 macbook version 5,2.

Firstly, I didn't realise this is apparently an unsupported model for windows 7 64bit.
That meant the windows support driver software from apple wouldn't run via the setup file - said something about unsupported device.
I didn't really have any hardware issues despite this but was a bit concerned that hardware was not running at optimum, so I manually ran various 64bit drivers off the disc I made from the apple files.

I ran the isight drivers for 64bit (I assume this is the webcam?) and tested the webcam via skype. The webcam seems to refresh the image at approximately 1 frame a minute, visable on both the macbook screen and my girlfriends skype on her iphone. Both running over my wifi (6mb/s).
Pretty sure it's the macbook as the bit in skype that asks for a photo also shows the webcam image at 1 frame per minute!

Anyone suggest how to improve this. Everything else is working fine (jinx alert).

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