web sharing not working......




I have a very frustrating problem with my web sharing not working. I am running a brand new G4 powerbook with Panther and I am trying to install PHP & mySql.

When trying these installs, In the terminal window, it said that there was an error on line #25 of httpd.conf.

OK, so next I noticed that you can turn on web sharing by going to System preferences>sharing>web sharing.

When I click start, it says starting, but never does. It just hangs and if I close sys prefs & open again, it's unchecked.

I opened Terminal and then typed:

sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

I was in the file, but there was nothing there at all. Not even a line.

Does this mean that my apache (that should come installed, isn't?), and if so, what do i do??

I would sincerely love some help as I've only had this mac for 2 weeks and haven't done anything on it yet!!


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