Web sharing and Airport

Mar 16, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
Powerbook G4 1.67ghz
First off... :radioacti
I have been trying for about 2 days now to use web sharing on my Powerbook and allow others outside my LAN to access my site. Right now I'm just doing this as a test but if I can get it to work I will eventually set up an old G3 as a dedicated server to host my site, also so I can have my own data that I can remotely access.
I have enabled Web Sharing and gotten other computers to connect through my Airport on the LAN. From what I understand I have to manually configure my Powerbook's IP address, set up port mapping on my Airport and also set it up to share a range of IP addresses. My main problems are:
What exactly do I put in for the port mapping (port 80 I assume, but I have no idea in what context) and why do I always get the errror message "Sharing a range of DHCP Addresses requires the base station to be configured using static IP Addresses." when I try to share a range of IP Addresses from (the router's IP is

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