WARNING, DO NOT TRY THIS: Potential Yosemite Finder Bug

Oct 21, 2013
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San Diego
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iMac 27" i7 3.5GHz 24GB 3T Fusion HD - 10.10.2b MBP 13" 8GB, 240GB SSD - 10.10.2b iPad Air iOS 8.1.2
The other day, I was 'fighting' Yosemite beta 2 trying to set and keep the widths of Name columns in List View. I decided to relaunch the Finder because I wanted to reset it. What I forgot was that I was copying files in the background when I relaunched Finder. Well Finder relaunched and all of a sudden I had 2 Finders running at the same time. My best guess is that one Finder remained to finish the copying and the other was the new, relaunched Finder. Just speculation here. Since you cannot quit Finders, only relaunch them, I decided to restart my machine. There was only one Finder after the restart. Then for some stupid reason, I decided to try to duplicate the incident before I reported it to Apple. Well sure enough, there were 2 Finders again.

But that started a long and nearly catastrophic development. Strange things started happening like odd colors behind items in the Menu Bar. Some windows wouldn't open and some applications like Preview wouldn't launch. I figured that I really had ruined Yosemite in my machine so I decided to reinstall a fresh copy. I booted from a Mavericks partition and ran both Disk Utility and TechTool Pro on the Yosemite partition and nothing wrong was found. I did take the time to rebuild the directory on the Yosemite partition. Then I launch the Yosemite install program, followed directions and waited for the download to finish. Yosemite downloaded but when it was time to actually do the install, the install stopped with an unhelpful error message which only said Yosemite could not be installed. I decided to try to restore from a Time Capsule and that ended in an error where the backup file was supposedly damaged. Perhaps a backup of the bad Yosemite corrupted the .sparsebundle. With no other option I could think of, I launched Disk Utility and reformatted the HD. Yosemite then installed but when I tried to restore settings and files from the Time Capsule, I got another error that there was no backup available. It was there. I checked and it was there. A long time ago, I learned to always keep a complete backup of my files and folders on a completely different machine so I restored them without loosing anything but tons of time. I mean tons of time installing Yosemite, updating to beta 2, installing all the other system updates and reinstalling all of the applications including having to find and enter all the serial numbers. I am still setting preferences in all my applications.

I did report this to Apple via the Feedback Assistant and have heard nothing back. I write so you can check if all processes are completed before relaunching Finder. Really, really, really, do not try this or you will be sorry.

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