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Apr 21, 2004
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San Francisco, California
Your Mac's Specs
15" 2.2Ghz SR MBP
I am in desperate need of a mac. I have a 2ghzDP G5 at school but its killing me not having a mac at home. Im a independent film maker so i am in desperate need for a iMac or a G3 or G4 tower. I am pretty sure i can pay for the shipping of the system. The lower the price the better or if you just dont want it and can give it for free, that would be nice too :D . If anyone can help a fellow mac user, its really appriciated. Please contact via PM, Aim(beret9987) or email([email protected])
Feb 25, 2004
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Portland, OR
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15" MacBook Pro, 13" MacBook Black, 15" iMac G4, 24" iMac (soon!)
If anybody were just handing out G3s and 4's I'm pretty sure we'd all jump on it.


Just keep looking, beret9987...You'll find the one you need. Try eBay. Or, be a bit more specific on what you want, how much you can pay, etc. Also, if you have anything for trade, that helps sometimes.

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