Vista to Lion strange copying problem


Sep 30, 2011
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I'm having a weird problem when copying files over the network from my home office PC with Windows Vista to my MacMini with Lion.

The two computers have no problem seeing each other, both belong to the same Windows Workgroup, I can see my Mac's files from the PC and see the PC's files from my Mac. On my PC I have my Mac's home folder mapped to the drive letter Z.

The problem is when I copy a file from the PC to the MacMini, it often creates weird extra folders with strange names on the Mac. It's quite hard to explain so I took a couple of screenshots:

I copied this spreadsheet file from my PC to the Mac:

After the copy is done this extra folder has appeared!:

It's not a real problem, I just delete the extra folder, and the file I copied is fine... it's just really weird and I'd like to know why it's happening :) It's always a new folder with a similar name to the one I was copying to, so if I copy something to the Movies folder I end up with an extra folder called ovies. Very strange!

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