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Hi...can someone help me on my birthday?? :)

I am looking into laptops but unless I can voice chat to my pals and family (if I need to) a Mac will not even be an option whatsoever....specially since it will be my main computer while I am overseas.

If I got VPC for Mac, would I be able to download and run the Windows versions of Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and even Netmeeting (if that is downloadable) and be able to use then like I would on a PC??

Would the voice chat features work this way? Would the application run relaly really slow? DO I have to partition my hard drive to do that? Would I have to sign ou tof Mac OS X to use it? Please, someone who has me out! Is anyone willing to test it with me? If it works, then the Mac is a real option.

PM me and I will give you my Yahoo ID and we can test it if you download Yahoo on VPC.....even if you just dl it for this one time so I can test to see if voice feature works, I would appreciate it.....I have a PC and want to make sure that I would be able to do this with other PC users if I get a Mac....thanks


Well.... theoretically. I tried Yahoo briefly on VPC and for me it was pretty choppy - but I was also running a number of other applications. I didn't try NetMeeting or MSN. You don't have to partition anything or sign out of OSX - VPC runs inside a window within OS X.
My VPC folder is hiding from me at the moment... if I can remember where I put it I'll be glad to help you test it.


I've chatted on Yahoo voice chat through Virtual PC before on my G4 iMac. It's pretty slow, but it gets through. You can't have anything else running in VPC, or else its laggy.


Oh okay...thanks for the info.

When you say that it is you mean jus tthe initial starting of the application or i sit just slow when trying to type a message to the other person?

It is pretty choppy as far as voice quality? Aaaaww...that's not good to usually when I use Yahoo voice, it is actually a pretty good quality.....

Btw, i tried ichat out, but I did not like the interface.....I oculd hear the other person, though I do like Yahoo and Netmeeting better.
Jan 15, 2003
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Whangarei, New Zealand
Your Mac's Specs
VPC is just slow in general. Typing isn't usually too bad... but anything that actually uses a bit of processing power is significantly slower. If you can use iChat for your voice communications, I recommend you ignore the interface and use it anyway, since it'll be much more responsive and give you better quality.

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