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Video on the Net: Always a Retarded Situation.



Hey guys...
Just when ya think you have a computer all figured out...they pull some NEW bullcrap on ya...just to continue being evil. Here's the scenario:

I got a G3 Mac, unfortunately...with Mac Internet Explorer 5. Screwy things happen that *seem* to be a memory issue, so I changed the memory.(bumped up minimum and preferred size)...everything is fine, until about yesterday. Now, if I try to download a "**.mpg" video....let's say it's 2.1mb. It will download just fine...but STOPS for no reason. I thought it was just the one site, but it happened again today with videos on another site. One vid is only 1.2mb...and it "finishes downloading" at 93k! There's no "!" icon on the file like usual when you don't finish a download....the icon shows up, and it's checked off in Download Manager as if I got the full file, when I didn't. Also, sometimes the bottom half of the video will be a series of color bars or something. Basically, computers(PC/Win and Macs) don't like me, and it's taking all the patience and self-control in the world right now to restrain myself from destroying this piece of outdated 2bit garbage. I changed the memory settings back to what they were(17192 Minimum, 22240 preferred.) before, back when I had no problems.

Pleeeeeeez....Any help at all would be appreciated.


Absolute Zero said:
thanks...but so far...it's not installing....and yeah, I pressed "Install" after accepting the term agreements, yadda yadda. It's just stuck at "Downloading/From/To/Status"....with a progress bar that's not moving at all.

Computers hate me. This is just one more bit of proof here....I'll just try to download it from somewhere else...

*edit---...all I wanted to do was watch a video that's 1.2 megabytes!!!!! So I guess there was an install problem since I have Netscape and it basically is a Mozilla browser, right? I tried my Netscape browser, still the same **** problem.


again, thanks for your help...I'll drop by later to download that...

*cool looking forums here...
Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
Yeah on my OS 9 box I could only get the full installer to work.

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