VacuumMail, AllBookmarks and NuFile



I've been hopping around tonight and saw on the RSS feed for new Mac OS X software downloads from Apple that a new version of VacuumMail, AllBookmarks and I saw NuFile at

VacuumMail helps speed up and is:
an AppleScript application that performs the “vacuum” command on Apple Mail’s underlying SQLite Envelope Index database. This must not be done while Mail is running, so this scriptlet first checks to see if Mail is running and if so, quits Mail. VacuumMail first notifies the user that it will be shutting Mail down, giving the user an opportunity to cancel the vacuum operation. This dialog window will close automatically, quit Mail, and commence vacuuming in 8 seconds if the user doesn’t click on the “Cancel” button.

As for AllBookmarks, here is what the developer's website says:

AllBookmarks adds a new item to your Mac OS X menu bar giving you quick access to all your bookmarks. All your Safari, Firefox and Flock bookmarks are shown and can be selected. AllBookmarks also gives you accesses to your 1Passwd 1Click bookmarks so you can navigate to a page, fill the form, and submit it, all with a single click!

Access All* Your Browser Bookmarks
Don't you hate it when you can't remember where you bookmarked a website? Were you in Safari when you saved it, or Firefox? Heaven forbid you were in a browser you were just "test driving". Perhaps you were testing out Flock, bookmarked a site, and then decided Flock wasn't for you (don't flame me; I like Flock!).

AllBookmarks helps reduce the pain of searching all the browsers for that lost bookmark. One menu, all browsers.

Supported browsers are Safari, Firefox and Flock. Next version will bring support for Camino, OmniWeb and Opera.

And NuFile is a Contextual Menu Item that adds certain file creations to the contextual menus you bring up by either right-clicking or Control-clicking and you can customize the items that show up by adding your own templates to the list.

NuFile(pronounced new-file (Nu is a greek letter)) is a contextual menu plugin. It adds a new file menu when you right click at a folder(ie: desktop or Finder background); just like what you can do in Windows. With this menu, you can create an empty file of your favourite type with just two clicks ("it's just one click if you hold the button down ;) "--Endian). It's a time saver especially if you have a two-button mouse (ex: Apple's sleeky mighty mouse) or if you use RazzFazz's iScroll2.

Of all three I have downloaded NuFile. I will download the others later tomorrow night.

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