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Using multiple USB hubs

Nov 12, 2016
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Hi I am in the process of expanding my studio and want to make sure that it won’t cause any computer problems or electrical hazards. Could you please help?

I already have two 14 port USB hubs and now I want to add one more USB hubs so that I can use more ports for midi controllers and webcams. I am wondering if there would be any issue to use 3 USB hubs simultaneously. My mac has 4 USB slots, so i could have all three plugged into the mac at once, but want to make sure that i don’t make any harmful mistake and that theres no risk of damaging the computer, devices, usb hubs, or causing any electrical/fire hazards by using 3 hubs at one time.

This is the USB Hub that I use for all the hubs: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-14-Por...8&qid=1500746129&sr=8-1&keywords=anker+hub+13

I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) with the latest OS.

So is this a bad idea for any reason? Or is it safe to use all three?

Thanks, Dan


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May 20, 2008
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The biggest issue is how much power all the devices plugged into these hubs require in total. If these hubs are self-powered (have their own power supply)...then the hubs should have plenty of power available. If the hubs are powered by the USB port (they don't have a separate power supply)...then the hubs will run out of power very quickly...since the USB ports on computers aren't super powerful. And in either case (if the hubs don't have enough power)...you sometimes get a message on the display stating this...or the USB devices simply won't operate.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that you can have something like up to 256 USB devices plugged into a computer before you run into a hardware or software limitation. Doesn't sound like this will be an issue.:)

- Nick

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