Using ipod touch as media centre for car

Oct 5, 2007
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Hi all.
I have a vision!!
I want to rig up a system whereby I keep all my sons films on my itouch, then somehow have a headrest screen that he can watch them on.
The sound will be coming through some slimline speakers in his car seat (already got that bit sorted)

This has come about as I am fed up with replacing those mobile dvd players!

So what means could I use for the transfering of video from ipod touch to screen, but with a headphone outlet on.

Not much to ask!!!

cheers guys
Sep 15, 2009
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Tampa Bay Area
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You can purchase an apple or licensed third party composite cable (the red white and yellow connectors) either at a local store like walmart or at the apple store. Be warned, unlicensed third party cables will not work because the iPod touch requires the apple authentication chip to work.

At the apple store the cable costs $50:

Apple Composite AV Cable - Apple Store (U.S.)

Even though the apple listing doesn't include the iPod touch third gen on the compatible devices list, I can tell you that I have a 3rd gen and this cable and it works perfectly.

And I have tried running audio through the headphone jack while using the cable, that works too.

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