Using Cinema display for other things!

Feb 8, 2010
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Derby, UK
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Power Mac 2x 2.6 GHz quad core intel Xeon, 8Gbram, 24' LED cinema display
Hiya, I know this is a question that surfaces quite alot, but searching through threads i still cant find my answer so sorry if you've heard/answered this before!

I want to use my 24' cinema display with mini DVI to connect to my 360 among a few other things. I found a converter on the mac site here -

Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter - Apple Store (U.K.)

that I'm pretty sure will do the job if i connect it to a VGA cable from my 360. only thing that worries me is that obviously cinema displays dont switch on til your computers on!
Will it work if i attach it to a 360 and will the connection that I've found work?? Has n e one tried this successfully??


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