using automator with keynote

Feb 3, 2010
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hi if someone has answered this before apologies but i can't find it -

i am putting together an looped keynote presentation to run on a number of imacs at an event we are holding at in a couple of weeks - on the final screen delegates will be able to e mail their interest in getting more info - rss feeds newsletters etc. via a link i have set up to mail - can i write a script that - when they hit the send button in mail - takes them back to the first page of the presentation - i have looked in automator and i cant see anything that jumps up at me and says 'this is how you do that' - i am sure quicksilver could probably do it but again i am not that skilled in using it - i can't write a script and don't have time to learn even if it were possible - has anyone any thoughts/ideas/help? all appreciated thanks michael

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