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Apr 21, 2004
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As alot of people know, when they say something about a CCD like 1.33 megapixels on tape its always lower. Why? Because, tape for some reason cant hold all of the quality that you CCD posses. Well, I want to fix that problem for myself. I own a Canon XLS1 and a Samsung SCD-103. I was wondering if there is some way that I can hook a portable Hard Drive to them and just record through that instead on a tape then to the computer.

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Jan 8, 2004
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if you are not on the move while filming, you can put the camera on tripod and import directly to PB using firewire. thats what I do when I want film something and same time have a big screen to look at, instead of viewfinder or tiny camera LCD. but I do not see diference in quality between direct import and tape. just make sure to use high quality DV tapes.


heh, yer saying alot of things that aren't quite right.

1st. You wouldn't have 1.33 megapixels as your CCD. Your CCD is a charged coupled device, that consists of a chip, or 3. Some cameras say they have a 1.3 or a 1.5 ccd, which hey if it's really that, great.

But basically, you either have 1 or 3 chips. 1 chip interprets the RGB by itself, the 3 ccd cameras have a chip for red, green and blue, and thus are able to generate a better picture because it can capture more information at once, thus giving you a broadcast television camera, rather than a consumer camera look.

The difference is pretty clear.

My point in explaining that is, recording to tape or harddrive makes no difference. The medium with which you are capturing video to, cannot accept or reject any information that the camera captures. That is to say, if your camera captures 3 minutes of crystal clear 3ccd footage, it will look exactly the same whether you capture to a hard drive or a miniDV tape.

And ya, you can capture to a harddrive, via firewire.

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