Used ipod? New ipod?



Hi there macusers.
I'm thinking of buying an used IPOD (1st generation, 10gb, with an iTrip).
What do you think, do you think I should gather more money and buy a new one?
I really think a new iPod is extremely expensive, but the fact of it's based on an HD, makes me wonder if it won't "die" on me in a few months.
So, I'm opened to suggestions :)

Thx in advance


First generation doesn't work with iTrip? You sure you mean 1st generation - I've only ever seen one of those once.


IMHO iPod is something you do NOT want to buy used. I can live with used cars and used computer equipments. But iPod, I don't know. It's more of a personal thing. It's kinda along the same line as you don't want to buy used underwear.

Plus, the battery in this thing doesn't last very long. I would expect usable life of iPod to be two to three years. First generation iPod in this world is like 60 years old person. If you were to adopt someone, would you adopt 60 years old grandpa?

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