USB Slot Problem in Windows 7 Boot camp on Macbook late 2009

Feb 13, 2010
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I'm a new mac user and I've just purchased a Late 2009 Macbook White. I updated bootcamp and installed windows 7 on it, and upgraded the boot camp assistant on the Windows 7 to 3.1. but when ever i plug in a Flash drive into the upper slot it does not seems to recognize it and there is no safely remove icon on the task bar, but i am able to see it in my computer. but when i plug the same flash drive to the lower usb slot everything works fine, autorun, safely remove. can any one help me with this problem, is it a Hardware problem or Software problem.

the slot works fine in OS X, just having problem in windows 7.
i previously used a cooler master notepal when installing and plugged it into the faulty slot, could this be the problem?

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