USB Adapter is recognized by computer, but cant connect to internet?

Sep 5, 2008
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I recently bought a netgear usb wireless adapter for my mac powerbook g4. I put it in and the computer recognized it immidiately under the 'about this mac>hardware>USB' section.

The problem is that other than recognizing that the adapter is there, the computer doesnt seem to know what to do with it! "Connect wirelessly using adapter" or some such option does not exist in the Network menu!

Can anyone help me? I would loooove to solve this problem.

(Also, in case its important, the adapter is refurbished but in excellent condition, however it came with a sheet that said i should download the installation software from I downloaded the folder and none of the items in it were runnable on a mac. A friend suggested that macs might not need software to pick up on a wireless connection?)


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