Uploading Pics to Facebook

Nov 20, 2011
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I have been having problems uploading my photos to Facebook. I've tried using the "share" on iPhoto as well as doing it thru Facebook's uploader. I can select my photos and it appears to be processing, but it never finishes uploading. It locks up almost at the end of the upload bar. I am running OS X 10.7.2. It worked for a short time when I first downloaded it. However it quit working a few weeks ago after an update installed.

I've seen where people have posted about deleting a file in iPhoto, but I'm unable to locate it.

I believe that I'm fairly capable on the computer, but I just can't find what to do about this!! VERY aggravated!

Any help would be wonderful, THANK YOU!!:\


Works fine here. You can try repairing iPhoto by launching it with the command and option keys held down. Check every box, then walk away and let it do its thing. Then relaunch iPhoto and see if that helps.

If not, then something's up with your connection to Facebook.

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