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Hi guys,

I am a light home user, have an iMac G3 running OS 8.5.1 and OS rom 1.2.1.
Currently have 96meg and 2 gig.

I need to upgrade my OS so dig camera I've bought works. It requires 8.6 and above.

options are to patch it to 8.6, buy OS 9 or come into the 2ist century and get OS x.

What would you suggest? How much extra rom should I get? What sort of price (sterling) would I be looking at?

Is it a process that a novice can do?

Thanks in advance

Glocko ( Liverpool UK)
Dec 30, 2002
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Your Mac's Specs
first off, Welcome to Mac-Forums!

second, what speed G3 do you have? it should be at least a 266mhz. if its 400mhz or more, i would suggest running os x. if its less than 400mhz it would be hurting to run too much stuff, and i would recommend sticking with os 9.

for os x, you need at least 128mb of RAM. for OS 9, you would be alright, but it wouldnt hurt to up the RAM if you can

Is it a process that a novice can do?

yes, that's what make macs so user friendly.

What sort of price (sterling) would I be looking at?

for OS 9, you can find it dirt cheap. Anywhere from $20-30USD. OS X, you should be able to find on ebay for around $35-40USD.

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