Upgrading Photo lab... need help with MAC software

Jun 5, 2006
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Hey guys, i work for Gomotorbids.com and do product photography, our company has expanded vastly within the past 3 years ive worked here. now they want me to upgrade our photolab because the way it is now can not handle the work flow. I am taking over 1000 pictures of product a day and doing many photoshops/ graphic work as well.

the workflow consists of snapping the photos (cameras are tethered to the computer through DSLR remote pro) scanning the barcode of the item which then throw the images through photoshop in a automation process(adjust levels) then throws them to the server. So its all automated. Our office is starting to make the switch to mac as all the management has had awesome success with them(almost zero issues compared to our previous xp machines) So they want to possibly do that in photo.

Do you guys know of any programs or how to go about doing that in OSX? would i use automator? are their programs?

i appreciate it much!

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