Upgrading mail client files freezes Lion

Feb 11, 2015
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Carmel, NY, USA
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Mac-Mini (late 2014) 2.6GHz Intel Core 5, 16GB RAM 1600MH DDR3, 1TB (SATA)
I recently upgraded my MacMini 2,1 from Snow Leopard to Lion OS-X 10.7.5).
All went well and all of my apps transferred OK to the new OS, except for Apple’s email client.
The first time I launched Lion-Mail I learned that there is an automatic conversion process to modify the files for the updated client. The conversion process seemed to go smoothly until Time Machine decided it was time to run a back up, and shortly thereafter mail’s progress bar froze … as did the rest of the Mac. The cursor vanished and the usual interrupt keystrokes did nothing (Esc, Apple-W, Apple-Q)!
The only way out was to use the power button to trigger a shut-down and restart. A second try behaved the same way as the first.

I thought I could undo the damage by restoring the mail files from Time Machine, but I’m unsure where the files reside. I found ‘Mail’ and ‘Mail Download’ folders inside my users/{user}/Library folder and restored them from Time Machine. A subsequent relaunch of Mail froze up in the same manner.

Meantime, I’ve been using my mail provider’s web-based mail (Yahoo’s portal to Verizon eMail), and it’s really very elementary.

Does anyone have a way out of this situation?

My MacMini is …
Model No: A1176 (EMC 2108)
Model Id. Macmini2,1
Identifiers: Mid-2007
Chip: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz (T5600)
Ram: 2Gb x2
Disk: 750GB

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