Upgraded to Yosemite - cannot download anything from web - black screen

Oct 25, 2014
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Process of events:
- Old iMac dying after 7 years, bought new one, migrated content and then upgraded to Yosemite
- After upgrading, system requires Adobe Flash/Java upgrades
- Now attempting any download (Flash, Java, alternative browsers) goes to a black screen, a normal webpage but completely black
- Have tried from web and from package in downloads - same end result - same after clicking 'trust plug-in' from any page
- Had no problem when briefly checked before upgrading to Yosemite

Have tried:
- 'always allow' adobe from safari preferences
- checking internet folder for disabled plug-ins (there are none)

Please help - highly frustrating on a new machine.

Is there something from the migration that could be affecting it? Software version from old machine was 10.7.5

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