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Jul 14, 2008
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Last night I updated my iPad1 to iOS5.

At least it didn't brick the iPad. However, it seems that at Apple the words 'Backup' and 'Restore' have a different meaning than in the rest of the English-speaking World. This is a shame.

I synchronised the iPad first, then chose the Update option. Fortunately, I had used iPhoto to copy all images from the iPad first. Ultimately, I was very glad I had done that.

The device seemed to take quite a while to backup, then erased the entire thing and installed iOS5. Then it took some time to restore the backup taken earlier.

I had hoped it would copy everything on the iPad, upgrade it and then copy everything back. This was not quite what it did.

Before the upgrade I had Apps, Music, Movies, Podcasts and Images - leaving about 2 GB free.

Afterwards I had the basic settings (Wifi, AppleID, MobileMe, Calendars, etc), plus my custom Homescreen Wallpaper and all of the Safari Shortcuts I had saved to the Homescreen, on the correct pages. That is all. Not sure how much free space - it is a 32GB device, so there is about 28.57 GB in total. I think it had about 28 GB free.

I took ages trying to select the Apps and Music I wanted to put back on it.

As for the Images, I had to restore these from the iPhoto images - so now these are in different 'Events' than before.

On the positive side, it does still work and it does seem a little faster :)

It also seems to be just as confused as my iPod Touch about the use of AppleID or MobileMe ID - unfortunately not with the same solution as on the other device.

Starting to like iOS5 to some extent, apart from being stuck with the useless Newsstand App. I like the Wireless Sync. Still not sorted out the various Calendars yet - some on the iPad and some on the iPod Touch - just not the same ones. At least Google Calendar sorts that out :\
Mar 17, 2009
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I don't have the energy to read that novel. However, I backed up my iPad 1st gen prior to the iOS 5 update, then updated and after it was done all my apps were restored just as before. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe you did something wrong. But it does backup and it does restore just as I would expect it to.

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