Update: CS5, Office '11, Final cut studio will transfer to lion

Dec 5, 2011
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Hey guys
Im posting this for people who are curious like i was, on this subject.
not for the mac "pro's" who already know all this.

I recently bought a new MBP, my problem was getting
all my software on to it from my MBA.
My MBP was lion.
MBA was snow kitty.

mainly concerned about key protected software such as
CS5 microsoft 2011 final cut studio.

Migration assistant wasn't the way to go,
so i tried lions new restore from back up feature.

i upgraded my MBA to lion, checked to see if software was compatible.
made a full time machine backup to my external HD.

i then entered the disk utility on my new MBP.
(restart and hold command + R )
the options come up and i selected the Restore from time machine backup.
now it warns you only to restore from a backup created from that computer.

of course I'm taking a backup from a mac thats totally different and
loading onto my new platform. so make backups of both macs!!

anyways i proceeded despite the warning, back up loading ok, no problems.
i suspected i would need codes for the aforementioned software.
but to my surprise everything worked!
no codes needed for any adobe software, micro '11, or final cut studio.

thought id share in case anyone is considering doing this.

Mar 17, 2008
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Tucson, AZ
Your Mac's Specs
Way... way too many specs to list.
Would have worked with migration assistant too btw.

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