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Feb 24, 2010
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one of the most common complaints I have heard about macs is that there aren't as many games for it. unfortunately, this is probably true. however, there are a lot more games around then people realize. especially once you look outside the realm of the commercial games, into the misty valleys of the open source that lay beyond.

so I propose that we make a list of some good games for mac. They don't have to be any specific genre, price tag, whatever. just games that you as mac users would recommend for anyone in the market for some games. (although it would be awesome if you also put some information about the game [genre, price, size, w/e] and possibly a valid download link, if applicable.)

This probably isn't the first time this has been done, and it definitely won't be the last, but I looked back a few pages, and didn't see anything of this nature, so I figure it's worth a shot. (if i am wrong and there is another topic like this, my apologies)

I will get it started with a few of my own.

starcraft [rts, ~20$]: for an older game, this game is still massively popular. many stores still carry it, and you can get the battle chest, which contains star craft and it's expansion for a lowish price of 20$.

EV: Nova [tdsrpg?, 30$]: escape velocity: nova is a top down space rpg/ trader sim. basically, you go though the game as a pilot of a ship, which you can purchase upgrades for, and also buy new ships. it has a very good story, but also a sandbox universe you can fly around in, making money or shooting pirates of both.

can DL a demo here: clicky
although I also recommend pretty much everything by ambrosia software ;)

Nexuiz [fps, free]: Nexuiz is an open source, futureistic shooter, using the darkplaces engine, which is loosely based on the quake engine. (then again, what isn't) it is primarily an online DM, ctf, lms, etc. game, but it also has full support for bots. it is in constant development, and has some exciting things planned for the future.

the site, which has Dl links:
(if it gives you an exciting "coming in march!" message, just try googling nexuiz, and clicking on the first link. Im not sure what thats about)

urban terror [fps, free]: another similar to nexuiz, but with more of a call of duty flair, if that's your cup of tea.

pick your poison :p

blob wars [side scroller shooter, free]: don't laugh just yet. though this game has an amusing name (blob wars: metal blob solid), it is one of the funnest games I have played. you play as bob, a soldier in the war between the peace blobs and an army of invading aliens. (also distinctly blob shaped) so far, the war is not going well, and many blob soldiers have been abandoned. bob is not happy with this, and decides to go back behind enemy lines to rescue these soldiers M.I.A.

some of their other games are pretty good as well. also, blob wars 2 (blob and conquer) has also been released.

quake 4 [fps, ?]: I downloaded the demo and played though it, and it was extremely fun. I don't know how much it is to buy the full version, but I would if I had any money.

emulators: there were a lot of good games made during the n64 and super nintendo era. and you can still play them on your computers using an emulator. here are some good ones:

legend of zelda, ocarina of time [nintendo 64]
mario kart [nintendo 64]
super smash brothers [nintendo 64]
final fantasy 6 [super nntendo]
chrono trigger [super nintendo]
lost vikings [super intendo]

those are just a few, but there are literally thousands more.

that's it for now on my end. now lets see what you've got, eh?
Jul 16, 2009
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Well I often play an game called Blockland, not so much nowadays since i have an Xbox 360 & a PSP, but I have many free/commercial games on my mac.
BTW: Blockland is only $20 and If you like the demo you should buy it, if you buy it you can have unlimited bricks (demo limit 150) you can go on online and play with other ppl. Also there's a forum with downloadable content made by players, anyone can make it(If they have the skill) Such as Add-ons (vehicles and weapons, for min games: DM's, TDM's, CTF's ect) Theres maps, prints faces decals, lots of stuff. Although, when you buy it you get a key emailed to you, this key is also you id (not the exact key but its a # combination) E.G mine is 4357, so hackers/piracy ppl sorry, you can really steal this game.

Link: Blockland - That game where you build stuff.
Dec 6, 2009
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Could OP please make a better layout for his text :$? It's hard to read it which such a boring layout :p

Savage 2 (roll playing game)
Call of Duty's (fps)
X-moto (funny little game, nothing to cool though)

Thats all i play on my mbp.
Jan 27, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
17 inch 2 GHz C2D imac (5,1) with 3GB DDR2 RAM, X1600 (128MB memory) GPU - OSX 10.6.3
There is a lot of good games that run in OS X. Either native or cider port (which is practically native for all purposes). Plus there is emulaton: Bootcamp (for windows), DOS Box (for DOS), SCUMMVM (for verious point and click games) and Classic-On-Intel (For OS9). So taking all of that into account there is very few games you can not play on your Mac.


In saying that some of my favourite games I play on my Imac are:
x1600 graphics card. So anything with that old card or better will be able to run these dames.

Diablo 2 - Great Action game by Blizzard. Hack and slash basically.
The Arreat Summit - News
Plus I use a free user made mod that really turns the game into something great. The mod is called "Median XL"
Median XL - Diablo 2 Mods by Brother Laz

Breakquest - Brickles/Breakout clone. It's only small but it's brilliant. I really love it.
BreakQuest | Free Mac Game Download | Red Marble Games

Samorost 1, Samarost 2 and Machinarium - Both point and click adventures made by the same company. But they are really something different.
Samorost 1
Samorost 2

Pirates Live the Life - Pirate Sim. You get to capture ships, woo the ladies, fight other pirates, sack cities and other things really good. A modern day 3D clone of the old pirates game of yesteryear.
Sid Meiers Pirates ** : Mac OS X & Mac Universal : Free Shipping : Cheapest UK Apple Mac Game prices : Sid Meiers Pirates ** :: Mac OS X & Mac Universal

Spore - Fun Sandbox game taking a little one celled organism and growing it to a creature then a tribe them a city then a space faring race. Got mixed reviews. I like it. But it's not my favourite ever. Still I bought it's limited edition and play it from time to time.
The Official Spore and Spore Creature Creator Site

I'll add more later.


And best keep an eye out for Starcraft 2. As it will be out soon.

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