Understanding iTunes Podcasts options...HELP!

May 25, 2012
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Im currently having a nitemare of a time with my podcast organization right now.

I subscribe to only a couple podcasts. My iTunes is up to date.

The one podcast Im having trouble with is the Joe Rogan Experience.

I just dont understand the tabs in iTunes that are:

"My Episodes"

I have my settings set to only limit to latest episode and not delete after playback. I like to be be able to decide if I want to delete a episode.

*** is "My Episodes" list for. It has older episodes on it that Im not a fan of at all. That I want deleted from this list.

The only way I can add to this list is by marking an old episode as unplayed.

But some of the episodes on this list have already been played and I cant delete them from the list.

I get that the "Feed" is a list of every past episode. No issue there.

Then there is the "Saved" section. Which seems to only put episodes Ive downloaded. I dont want to have to store EVERY single episode I like on my computer. Why cant I just keep them on the cloud and in the list of "My Episodes" without having to mark them as unplayed?

Im so frustrated with this.

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