Unable to upload mkv files to AVPlayerHD

Jan 7, 2015
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Hi fellows,

I am afraid another newbie to Mac world, as I just got my first gadget from Cupertino.
In this case, this is iPad Air 2 (64GB)

One of the main reasons I did so is for multimedia content while I am travelling.

But I got stuck trying to upload information to the ipad. Unfortunately, no as easy as it is with Android and folder based philosophy

In any case, apparently as I read on the internet, it should be pretty easy, once you have AVPlayerHD installed in the ipad (which I had), itunes installed on your computer and launched (which I did) , connected ipad and computer via USB (which I also did), and synchronized itunes and ipad (which guess what, I also did).
It should be just drag and drop files. But no matter how many times I try this, I just cant get any results.

Please let me attach below the two screenshots (although in Spanish, pretty sure you will understand whats going on) of the furthest I got here, hoping you can help me out to understand what I am doing wrong here

So here I am like a stupid trying to get this done for now quite a few minutes, can you help out with this guys?



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