Two PC and my iBook



Trying to setup a LAN with 2 PC and an iBook so that I can share printer.
I have all 3 connected to a router to a DSL box.
1 is running Win98SE and the other, Win XP Pro.

On the iBook, I have went to Sharing (in Internet & Network), and turned on Personal File Sharing, Windows Sharing, and Printer Sharing. Turned on Firewall.

Win XP Pro
File and Printer sharing has been enabled. Network name is MSHOME.

File and Printer sharing enabled.
Network name is MSHOME.

I know what to do from there. In either PC, I can't find other networks. First time networking with a Mac, if you can tell.


For my network I made sure each PC has the exact same protocols installed. If it doesn't then you probably won't be able to see the other PCs. I'm sure you also know this but make sure you have a folder or something shared on the network for each PC. As for the Mac, I did the exact same thing you did (went to System Preferences->Sharing->Checked Personal File Sharing and Windows Sharing). At first I wasn't able to connect to the iBook from my PC (XP said it couldn't find it) but after the error message it refreshed and popped up in My Network Places.

Another thing I suppose you can check is make sure each computer is assigned an IP by the router(assuming you're going DHCP). Sometimes XP becomes stupid and will try to assign its own private IP even when the router gives it one. To fix this I usually uninstalled the drivers then reinstalled.

Don't know if this was any help or not! Good luck if you haven't gotten it to work yet.


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