Two Blue (blank) Screens.. that wont go farther

Oct 28, 2009
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I ran the updates on my computer (mac pro purchased last year).. installed logic 9.. everything ran fine.. shut down my computer that evening.. started it up the next day.. it went to the grey screen with the apple.. ran its course.. then went to two blue screens with no writing.. just two blue screens.. and never proceeds to the galactic screen with the user names and all that good stuff. so here i am.. a sitting duck.. anyone got anything cool to say.. cause now would be awesome lol... and i also have the sno leopard disc.. and wanted to do an archive and instal.. but it tries to boot up prior to letting me do this archive and instal..


Try this first:

1. Reboot, and hold the shift key down (keep holding) till you get to the login screen, or 10 minutes goes by, whichever happens first. If you get to the login screen, just reboot. This clears some caches and does some other maintenance stuff and seems to occasionally fix booting issues.

2. If that doesn't work, reboot holding command-s for Single-User-Mode (very DOS like, don't freak!). :)

After a bit of text spewing, a command-line prompt will appear. Type this in:

/sbin/fsck -fy
(note the space between "fsck" and "-fy") and press return.

Eventually you will get a note saying "the file system was modified" or "the volume (NAME) appears to be ok."

If you get the latter message, just type reboot. If you get the former message, press the up arrow once (or retype the fsck command, same thing) and run it again. You should then get "the volume (NAME) appears to be ok" and you can then reboot.

If neither of those solve the problem, its time to buy a copy of diskwarrior.

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