TV tuner card (freeview/digital + analog input)

Mar 15, 2006
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MacBook Pro 15" 2.2GHz/4GB/250GB, G4 Cube 450MHz + 17" Studio LCD
I'm considering buying a TV tuner card for my PowerBook which can record TV, but which can also be used to transfer video from camcorder/vhs to DVD.

Basically, I want:

Freeview digital TV tuner
Analog input for camcorder/vcr (composite or s-video)
'Game' mode to play PS2 on it
USB2 or Firewire connection

It would be nice if it had a remote and integrates with front row too.

I am in the UK, and will be using it on a G4 1.33GHz, but will be buying a MacBook Pro in September for uni.

Any reccomendations appreciated, thanks.

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