TV card to use mac to record TV shows

May 10, 2007
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Mac pro quad 2.66 / G5 1.8
My DVD recorder seems to have bitten the dust, so I'm wondering if I can use my Mac as a recorder instead. It'll save time anyway, as most of it gets ripped to Itunes for Ipodding anyway.

Any recommendations? I want a card that I can attach to the cable box (it has various outputs - RCA, Svideo, coax and something called Svhs). I want to be able to set it to do timed records etc.

I don't necessarily need TV out, but I guess if it has it it won't do any harm.

The less drama the better - I'm vagualy aware of some setups having to demux / sychronise sound and stuff like that, I'd rather just output everything to avi's or similar.


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