Trying to share a printer G5 (Airport) & Win XP Laptop(wired)




I am trying to share the printer hooked up to my G5 (OSX Panther) with a PC laptop (Windows XP Home). I am not a PC whiz, though I use one at work.

I am using an Asante Friendlynet wireless/wired router w/my cable modem. Both computers can see eachother and can share files. They can share the internet connection. The G5 computer is named Jes and the laptop is named HAL.

I set up an account on my G5, specifically for a windows user. It uses the same username and password as the windows laptop uses for user authentication.

When I set up the Network printer wizard on the windows laptop, I use the following path \\Jes.local\Printer_name and it recognizes the printer/driver. Then I try to print and the printer queue comes up with an error, saying something like it can't connect because Jes.local won't allow it to connect.

Do I just have some names set up incorrectly or paths?

Please help!


I read in Mac Help that the windows machine needs to connect via SMB. Does this have something to do with it? If so, what do I need to do?

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