Trying to diagnose a problem with my 08 Macbook.

Dec 9, 2011
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OK, So.. I've recently purchased a 2008 Unibody Macbook on eBay for all of $189. Looks GREAT but…

I got cheap because it was dropped from roughly 4 feet and landed flat. *splat*
No Hard drive was included.

Now. It works when I turn it on: CD Drive, Light(s) etc.
But the LCD obviously does not work.

My questions are:

1. Do you think I should buy a hard drive first to run tests on it?
Ex: Making sure ports, keys and logicboard functions
2. If I bought the LCD first will it boot up and can I still run basic test without a hard drive?
Ex. Ports, Keys, logicboard.

I've replaced LCD's and Cracked screens before on Macbooks AND iPhones. I'm also a general computer tech. So I'm good with repairs, but not at diagnosing issues..

Truth.. I’m absolutely clueless as to how Macs function, so I’m sorry if the questions seem a bit crazy.
I own a few Apple products and I enjoy them including the Macbooks I’ve repaired so I wanted one for myself. So I’m starting with this one.

Thanks Guys.

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