Troubles with .html!!! (screwed up file type associations)



I've recently installed Adobe Creative Suite, which, among other apps, includes Adobe InDesign CS, an app for web publishing.
But it does more than that... When I try, in MSN Messenger, to check my e-mail via the "Mail" button or the popup that appears when I sign in, Adobe InDesign CS will launch, trying to open the link, instead of launching that link in safari!!
I'm a recent switcher and I'm used to Windows' file type associations. If I was using Windows I could easily assign .htm to Safari (eeerrrm... that awful IE6 ;) )... Yes, but I recently found that a .jpg downloaded from the web will load into Preview, and a .jpg created in Photoshop will load in... you guessed right, in Photoshop!
It sure is confusing, believe me... It's the one and only thing in OS X I *really* hate! (don't get me wrong, I was fed up with PC's and Windows, and besides, I'm in love with Panther, but as with any other love, there's this tiny little thing in it that you hate...)
And now, I've tried to uninstall Adobe InDesign CS, hoping that it would solve the problem. I've put its folder in the trash, as its preferences folder. And it just solved the problem in part (not a real solution, actually...): Now, clicking in the "Mail" button obviously won't launch InDesign, because it's uninstalled, but it won't launch Safari either!!
It seems I've just "screwed up" a part of my OS, by installing a professional graphics suite... Just great!
And now, I have to launch Safari, type my password again, etc etc... And I haven't figured out yet if this program affects other applications with links on them.
Do you guys have any ideas on how to solve this mess?? This thing — an app from such a great developer, overriding the OS settings — is so un-Mac-like!!

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