trouble deleting a folder



I just got a Cgraphite Clamshell iBook 366.

It had several programs installed including Synchronise Pro x. I was trying to delete this program and in the directory it had two files that start the command line and do something. In any case that part went fine, problem that I have now is that when I try draging the directory to the trash it comes up with a message saying that this operation could not be completed because I do not own it. I have only one user defined (me with a password) . Any idea how to get rid of this folder?

Is there a program out there that will let the macs connect to pc and chat using audio. I have both Yahoo and MSN for the mac but neither of these supports audio. Works fine between 2 or more pc's but I would like to use my iBook or iMac.

Larry Zasitko

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