Trouble burning slideshow to playable DVD

Nov 12, 2011
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I have created a large slideshow in Keynote 09 with music imported from Garageband and attempted to burn to a DVD-R. It won't play in a DVD player. I have tried exporting it to Quicktime, exporting to iMovie and iDVD and no luck.

Attempting to create a slideshow for my husband's 60th which is next week. Have 750-1000 slides and plan on showing it on a projector in the large room and a tv in another. I've used a smaller Keynote slideshow (100+) as a test run but no luck.

Would appreciate any help. Have googled issue ad nauseum. Is there a maximum number of slides for a Keynote presentation? Couldn't find the answer in the Keynote documentation or online.

I'm using my 13" MacBook with 150 GB hard drive and a Go Flex external drive for my iTunes and iPhoto libraries since I ran out of room on my computer.

Thanks in advance.

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